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TOPIC: More indy commentary

More indy commentary 17 years 5 months ago #1

I figured I'd throw my two cents in:

I've been looking through the boards and I must admit I disagree with many of the complaints so far, I loved the added D&D feel, yet I too had some minor suggestions that I felt I might mention.

1. The lack of black light for detect magic was a shame; I really enjoyed that at SoCal.

2. The bard's book was awesome but so were the runic tables from before (seen only briefly in the faceless one's room). The book had too little useful information, sure it saved us from the gas trap (and told us about the amulet) but really it was just not that exciting. I loved the look and feel of the bard lore book though, perhaps if there were both major and minor puzzles in some of the rooms you could have the book assist with the secondary ones that did nothing but gain the party treasure or a little healing.

3. While I loved the added pace and physicality of this one (dodging the piercers ; ) I was disappointed at the lack of puzzles to work out. Our entire party survived, mainly in my opinion because we never took the "time up" damage that we did in SoCal. If the puzzles are to be easier (and I know crafting puzzles is a hellish job so I really am not trying to fault anyone, the fountain was awesome) then there should be other things littered around the room for the party to do, such as extra puzzles (see above), hidden items/levers in the 'scenery' etc. (there was nothing in the second box in the first room where all the junk was strewn about...), or even just clues to future rooms (the video display in the false wolverine room in true heroes).

4. Though this is a request that is totally unreasonable (especially for SoCal) it would be fantastic if there could be two true dungeons, one for slightly higher level players (I should be lev 3 at this point, and while getting one extra treasure token for having leveled last time was...um...neat...I would like to see some greater reward for having so ardently supported true dungeon, and clearly the greatest reward would be getting to go through another adventure.

Thanks for listening to me rant, I love true dungeon, it is the reason I go to the GenCons, it is the reason I drag my friends, its awesome keep up the good work.

Most sincerely,
James Portnow

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More indy commentary 17 years 5 months ago #2

Thanks for the thoughts James. Here are my thoughts:

1- agreed. We are already working on the black light situation for SoCal.

2 - the bard book was cool, but we are looking at ways to make it better.

3 - my first thought on this is you can't please everyone. We received tons of complaint on the difficulty of the puzzles last year, so we thought we would go in a different direction this year. Have no fear the puzzles will return!

4 - We have talked about doing two different modules, but at this point it just isn't feasable. Basically we would have to double our sets and volunteers, plus ballroom space. (You would fail your reflect save if I told you how much it costs to rent the ballroom each day) We may be able to do that someday, but we couldn't do it this year.

We are looking at how to handle the leveling up, and quite frankly haven't found a solution that we are crazy about.

Thanks for your support and I am glad you enjoyed the event.

bur BUR bur BUR<br /><br />PS I can't spell, don't be suprised when you read my posts...<br /><br />Head D.I.N.O.

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