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TOPIC: Normal difficulty and sealed 10 pack runs

Normal difficulty and sealed 10 pack runs 2 months 1 week ago #13

Wade Schwendemann (Dr. Uid) wrote:

Endgame wrote:

Fred K wrote:

Endgame wrote: I’m not clear - are you using the pregenerated characters + a 10 pack, or just the 10 pack?

Normal with 10 pack - the pre-gens include URs and aren't representative of in-person.


If the expectation and balancing is that you would run normal difficulty VTD with the pregen characters, then wouldn’t it also figure that it couldn’t be completed with just a 10 pack?

Not if the pre gens include URs.

I’m not really sure the URs are that big of a deal. If instead of the pregen just including the current year + a current UR, if it was allowed to contain common-rare of the current year and the previous year, you would end up with better builds.

In any case, assuming normal is balanced around the pregens as the “floor” of character / party power, then we shouldn’t be taking about trying it with a 10 pack. It’s not like any normal new party is going to have packs available for a VTD run anyway.

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Normal difficulty and sealed 10 pack runs 2 months 1 week ago #14

After reviewing the pregens, they would add approximately 10 damage/round over the 10 packs. The URs all seem to grant +2 damage or +2 to hit and +2 damage. Assuming a 20% hit rate, over 10 melee attacks, it adds 4 damage per round. I bumped up hit rate from 15% to 20% to reflect the +2 to hit in the few applicable characters.

That puts a pre-gen party more than 100 hp in damage lower than needed to kill the beast even if you got 5 full combat rounds, had an average die roll of 15 on all to-hits, and made all saving throws after using zero resourced prior to Room 7. This also assumes every character survives all 5 rounds.

More realistically, you get 3 rounds of combat. Half the party will fail their saves. Based on the damage in most room 7 combat rooms over the past 3 years, you will have at least 2-3 deaths by the end of round 3. You will walk in at less than 100% health and have used at least half of your useful spells.

The balance for room 7 is substantially off right now if the expectation is that new players would have a chance for a combat room. That's been the case for years now (with limited exceptions.)

I encourage TD to reconsider the relative difficulty of Room 7's so that brand new parties have a chance of success. Even if that means having a special Normal designation that is Normal-New that reduces the difficulty. If a party has 3-4 deaths but wins, they would celebrate and come back. If a party knows they were only a hair away from beating the boss before time runs out, they would come back. If they are TPK'd or run out of time and didn't feel like they made a dent in the boss, many won't come back.

What do we want? Evidence based science! When do we want it? After peer review!

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