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TOPIC: Most Powerful Combo Set

Re: Most Powerful Combo Set 12 years 11 months ago #25

<br />

<br />

Did the third item fo the might set ever get decided?

<br />

+2 Rod of Might, when you hit the monster it's AC drops by one (kind of like a mini-Sundering Cestus).

<br /><br />I have not heard that before. Was that posted to these boards?<br />

<br />yes you have<br />Mike Steele on Today at 02:28:38 PM said it...what Mike says goes<br />

<br /><br />LOL - thanks Laz!  <br /><br />I'm pretty sure it was posted on the forums previously, but I'm having some trouble finding it.  Of course, like Dave said, until the token is actually printed it is subject to change.  The Orb of Might this year went through many changes before printing.  <br /><br />Can anyone find the thread(s) where the Rod of Might was discussed? 

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