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Virtual True Dungeon

Check out this short video to see how Virtual True Dungeon works!

The 2022 adventuring season starts off with a big bang with FIVE new pirate-themed Virtual True Dungeon adventures.  These virtual experiences are much like in-person True Dungeon with interactive puzzles and simulated combat. You get all the usual cool swag (including an experience point code) mailed to you after your event.  

V7: Ebony Sail - January 14th-16th, 2022

V8: The Sea Hag - February 18th-20th, 2022

V9: Isle of Bone - March 18th-20th, 2022

V10: Pain of Truce - April 22nd-24th, 2022

V11: Fortune's Tide - May 20th-22nd, 2022

Your virtual True Dungeon game is presented through an amazing interface that features live-camera feeds, recorded cut scenes, new skill tests and animated clues. It is like you and your friends are really there. Equipping and managing your character is a snap with a free iOS or Android app or tdcharactercreator.com. You can also search for "Character Gen for True Dungeon" in the App Store or Google Play. The apps/website roll attacks, damage, and saving throws while keeping track of hit points as well as used spells and powers. These virtual adventures are hosted through Zoom, and it is designed to best be viewed on a computer monitor. You view your adventure through an incredible graphical presentation that includes interactive NPCs, live video feeds, prepared cut scenes, animated effects and graphics as well as interactive new skill tests.

Your ticket includes the postage to send you swag after the event via USPS Priority Mail. These goodies include three random draws (or more if you have treasure enhancers equipped) from a Treasure Generator, and a Participation token, a free bag that includes a random pack of 10 Treasure Tokens. And if your character survives, you are sent a Survivor button, too.

CLICK HERE to see available tickets. They go fast!

Here are links for the three character management programs available for use with Virtual Dungeon. All three of them are completely free. Please click one of the links below to help you master your program of choice.

tdcharactercreator.com part 1:
tdcharactercreator.com part 2:

Android app:

iOS app:



The second half of 2022 is dominated by three amazing live gaming conventions where you can play True Dungeon live!  We travel to Indianapolis, Seattle and Madision to bring the fun to you.




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