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Virtual True Dungeon

What the video below to see how Virtual True Dungeon works!


This virtual experience is much like in-person True Dungeon with interactive puzzles and simulated combat. You get all the usual cool swag (including an experience point code) mailed to you after your event.

Your game is presented through an amazing interface that features live-camera feeds, recorded cut scenes, new skill tests and animated clues. It is like you and your friends are really there. Equipping and managing your character is a snap with a free app. It rolls attacks, damage and saving throws while keeping track of hit points as well as used spells and powers.  Just search for "True Dungeon Character Generator" in your app store. These virtual adventures will be hosted through Zoom, and it is designed to best be viewed on a computer monitor. You will view your adventure through an incredible graphical presentation that will include interactive NPCs, live video feeds, prepared cut scenes, animated effects and graphics as well as interactive new skill tests.

Your ticket includes the postage to send you swag after the event via USPS Priority Mail. These goodies will include three random draws (or more if you have treasure enhancers equipped) from a Treasure Generator, and a Participation token, a free bag that includes a random pack of 10 Treasure Tokens. And if your character survives, you will be sent a Survivor button, too.

You don't need a Gen Con Online or Gamehole Con badge to play or buy tickets. More details will be emailed to ticket holders closer to their event.  Check out our FAQ.

The most exciting part? We have FIVE virtual adventures that we will host over the coming year. All five form an exciting story-arc that ties into (and fleshes out) the live adventures that will be coming to Gen Con next year. 

Here are the remaining shows in the schedule.

VTD3a - The Deadwill Mine
Event Date - December 4 - 6, 2020

  • 2020 Patron supporters: tickets available 10/9/2020
  • 2020 Adventure Guild supporters: tickets available 10/10/2020
  • General public: tickets available 10/11/2020

VTD3b - The Deadwill Mine
Event Date - January 15 - 17, 2021

  • 2021* Patron supporters: tickets available 11/20/2020
  • 2021* Adventure Guild supporters: tickets available 11/21/2020
  • General public: tickets available 11/22/2020

*Pre-Orders for the 2021 Treasure Token Collection started Monday, Nov. 2nd, 2020. Anyone who places a pre-order at the AG or Patron level before 11:59 pm CST on 11/19/20 receives a special code to purchase tickets early for this event.

Tickets for both the A and B version go on sale the same day.

VTD4a - Mistress of the Marsh
Event Date - February 19 - 21, 2021

VTD4b - Mistress of the Marsh
Event Date - March 19 - 21, 2021

  • 2021* Patron supporters: tickets available 12/11/2020
  • 2021* Adventure Guild supporters: tickets available 12/12/2020
  • General public: tickets available 12/13/2020

*Pre-Orders for the 2021 Treasure Token Collection start Monday, Nov. 2nd, 2020.  Anyone who places a pre-order by the end of 12/10/20 will receive a special code to purchase tickets early for this event.

Tickets for both the A and B version go on sale the same day.

VTD5a - Ashwind Abbey
Event Date - April 16 - 18, 2021

VTD5b - Ashwind Abbey
Event Date - May 21 - 23, 2021

  • 2021 Patron supporters: tickets available 2/5/2021
  • 2021 Adventure Guild supporters: tickets available 2/6/2021
  • General public: tickets available 2/7/2021

Please note these dates ARE subject to change, but they will only be changed due to some unexpected reason.



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