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TOPIC: Personalized Legendary Tokens

Personalized Legendary Tokens 2 years 9 months ago #25

Rob F wrote: No interest in a personalized Token.

I have an interest in Artifact like effects (to minimize bad-stuff I'd rather they be temporary, like for 3 seasons you get X).

But I have no interest in a token that says "Matt Hayward's copy of token X" - but given that some people here do - and it would suck trade goods out of the system - I'm very supportive of that if TD wanted to do it.

I could also imagine some benefits of running such a program, in terms of preventing token counterfeiting - e.g.:

1. You send TD a legitimate legendary token, and whatever else the recipe calls for .

2. They send you a unique, soul bound version of the token.

3. Since they sent you a unique, soul bound version, if it is lost or stolen TD could replace it for a nominal fee, and it would be of no use to a thief.

4. If you wanted to transfer ownership, TD could have a program whereby for an approprite feel to cover their expenses + 30% or so they would intake your unique token, and send a new unique token to a different party.

All that would make TD do some bookeeping which they may have no interest whatsoever in doing. But it might be worthwhile if it generated some demand for trade goods which would translate to token sales.

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