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TOPIC: Eyes Slot Update

Eyes Slot Update 1 month 3 weeks ago #25

I agree there should be a more consistent solution for this. Followers are also coming in October which will immediately open up more combos. For example double Redoubt Helms, and double Gladiator Gloves would both be allowed currently. If there is intent to block these, that needs to be done soon.

A blanket ruling stating that you can't use the Relic/Legendary in the same chain would impact a lot of Focus ring users, as mentioned, but also Relic+Legendary Viper Strike Fang and Hammer users. Those weapons may need an exception.
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Eyes Slot Update 1 month 3 weeks ago #26

I'm not sure I 100% agree with the focus argument on not restricting legendary and relics of the same transmute to be used together.

Looking at my current builds, for an OP caster, you would have Relsa's, then Muk's havok (which already has the rule against legendary and relic together), then expertise (for arcane casters) or quick blessing for druid. Cleric is the only exception where it would likely be Relsa, Muk, then Greater ring of focus. The player would have to switch over to Drake's for a +2 dmg (and would be 3 lower in healing.)

I can't think of any other case where you would want to use a relic and legendary together. I suppose a monk or ranger could use the relic and legendary viper together but those explicitly say they are exempted from those rules. With the follower slot expansions, the most likely application would be legendary Gloves with relic gloves. Technically, it could come up with Pern's and the relic redoubt helm and from Vim's and the Boots of Protection.)

I like the idea of standardizing not allowing using both the legendary and relic just for consistency even if it means my cleric will lose 2-3 points of healing.

On the eyeslots, there aren't any patch combinations that had 2 patches as BiS other than next year having the Odin's legendary and relic together. You have MUCH better options than the existing eyepatches for eye slots. If you were using Corsair as part of your build, you wouldn't have been the audience for Odin's anyway (since better goggles/glasses are available compared to the eyepatch.)

This is really an argument about next year's Odin's eyepatch.

One solution to this if you don't want to make a bigger ruling would be to add to the text on the Legendary and Relic eyepatches for next year would be that they don't function/provide any mechanical benefit while any other eyepatch is worn.

What do we want? Evidence based science! When do we want it? After peer review!

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