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TOPIC: Sad vibes: GenCon 2021

Sad vibes: GenCon 2021 4 weeks 1 day ago #13

I’m having a great time playing some board games. Yes it has half the attendees and vendors but it still feels like Gen Con to me!
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Sad vibes: GenCon 2021 3 weeks 5 days ago #14

I expected this Gen Con to be different and weird in some respects it was.

That said it definitely felt like coming home. Seeing the banners up and the block party really felt great.

Wed was the low point for me as it just didn't have quite the excitement was used to but by late Thurs/Fri when folks really started moving around it felt great.

Spent most of my con looking up old friends and spending time catching up. Did a lot of learn to plays. Never really bothered before as i was either in TD as a vol or in TD as a player. Didn't feel like i was wasting time this go-around by taking time to sit for longer demos/learn to plays.

Dealerhall, overall one of my favorite, best in years. I loved that Asmodee and other large and largely boring vendors weren't there. I like and play games from them but i crawl through a dealerhall looking for stuff i've missed out on or haven't seen before, especially indies and smaller publishers. Did like the larger aisle breaks (likely due to last minute pull outs of some vendors. Really liked the larger uprights of previous Gen Con art and such. Made great mid hall photo backdrops.

Why why and still why are trash cans in middle of the dang aisles/intersections. Frustrating there.

Since no TD this year i took the time to sit and actually do multi hour learn to plays a games, saw parts of the con i normally or have never seen before. Watching Jedi pump up the crowd for the Cardhalla charity bid was an amusing sight followed by cash money falling from folks above.

Watching kids rush in and stomp a balloon dragon to death on Sun, the smiles and energy was infectious.

Was this the 'greatest Gen Con ever', no, no it wasn't or at least to me. Was it what i wanted and really needed? Yes, yes it was. Con is and really always has been what you make of it and the moments you find or contribute to be expected or unexpected.

Gen Con 2021 is in the books for me and looking forward more than ever to next year.
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Sad vibes: GenCon 2021 3 weeks 5 days ago #15

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Adeya - wish I had known you were there! I didn't check the forums while I was at GC, so I missed you! I did see some other TD friends.

I was there Thursday-Sunday and I loved it. Yes, lots of stuff was missing: many vendors, TD, no LOS, auction, and so on. The number of attendees was much lower, but I still felt lots of energy and excitement in the exhibitor hall. (I do remember walking around the last couple hours on Saturday thinking how weirldy quiet it was compared to a normal Saturday).

With the pandemic cancelling last year and the year before I couldn't go due to surgery, I HAD to go this year. I meant a great deal to me.

And now we only have to wait 10 1/2 months for the next one!
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