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TOPIC: Back to Back Question

Back to Back Question 1 month 3 weeks ago #1

For in-person cons, how close together can you, realistically, have 2 runs go back to back and still catch the 2nd run?
Is the start time listed when you move from the coaching room to the training room?

I've always given myself 10-15 minute gaps between official end time and start time of the next run and have never had a problem. I was wondering about if you could actually do one that starts the moment your prior run ended?


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Back to Back Question 1 month 3 weeks ago #2

Start time is when the coach arrives to the coaching room, then 24 minutes until the move to training.

I would say this is strongly discouraged, but due to me not providing my friends detail in how precisely to order things in the wishlist we ended up with runs 2 years ago at gencon that were back to back and it worked out ok.

Absolute need is to check in for both before the first one happens (both wristbands). It's a bit of extra work for the checkin people as they're not expecting runs that far out yet, but they were able to make it work.

Coordinate with the other members of your first run if you don't have the full run to see if everybody agrees to have the people that need to get to the next run go first through the treasure line (again, this is a bit of extra work for the volunteers as they're not jut going down the class order like they normally do).

Do your best to try to finish the final room a bit early (as if that wasn't already happening, but yeah).

Obviously be prepared with one of the approved character sheet options for all potential classes (but pretty sure you've got that covered already) ideally with tweaked copies for each potential difficulty level.

I believe if you have the full set of tickets for both runs there may be some other options as I've seen that sort of thing on the forums in years past.

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Back to Back Question 1 month 3 weeks ago #3

To add; you should also communicate with the others on the second run. You WILL be late. Epilogue of the first run will overlap coaching of the second. If possible, get your build stats to someone in the second group who will be there on time.
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Back to Back Question 1 month 3 weeks ago #4

The start time on your ticket & wristband is the time your coach greets you in the coaching room.

If you know you're going on back-to-back runs, it's in your best interests to:
  • Have your stats pre-generated. I dare say this one is not optional.
  • Get both of your wrist bands before your first run. Explain to the innkeeper that you're going on back to back runs and you'd like to get both wristbands at the same time.
  • Let a player in the second party know your situation and give them a copy of your stats. That person can inform your coach and give them your stats to fill out on the party card.
  • Be flexible with your class choice. Not only have pregens for every class you can/are able to play, be willing to pick a different class if the one(s) you had your heart set on have already been selected.
  • Don't overlap runs by more than 12 minutes. Don't overlap at all if you can help it.
  • When your first group is about to enter epilogue, let them know you have another run immediately after and ask (don't demand) to get processed first.

The following are considered major 🍆 moves, so please:
  • Do NOT show up late with a large container of loose tokens and expect your coach to make something out of them for you.
  • Do NOT show up late and start passing out/loaning "better" tokens to your groupmates. The coach has already filled out their stats. Please don't make them re-do everyone's stats--even if it's "just one or two things".
  • Do NOT arrive late if your second group is a PUG.
  • Do NOT arrive late and try to convince someone who's already selected their class to play something else. If you missed the class choice discussion, accept what's left. YOU'RE the one who showed up late.
  • Do NOT schedule yourself so that your first run ends as your party enters training (24 minutes after the ticketed start time). Even if you followed the aforementioned good things to do, showing up that late is incredibly disruptive to players and volunteers alike.
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