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TOPIC: SUPER Final Transmuted Images

SUPER Final Transmuted Images <Last Chance! 3 years 7 months ago #121

edwin wrote:

Mike Steele wrote:

edwin wrote:

Arcanist Kolixela wrote: So Jeff can you PLEASE just say yes or no if the Relic necklace for Wizards allowed channel more than 1/room?

If it IS limited to 1/room is it ONLY usable with the MEC FA trigger or can I channel ANY mage power?

If it's 1/room I am literally seeing NO benefit to the Legendary token. Seems like the same thing Druids have complained about with their Legendary?

Previously there was an expanded list of additional powers that Legendary token provided access to. The Relic provide access to a smaller list that was different. Each power could only be used once per room.

Plus, Jeff mentioned that additional Mage and Arch Mage powers would be added, I think from future tokens. Each would be usable once per room.

Good point.

I liked how each one had the same hp cost to keep it easier for players to track hit points.

It also seemed setup to support scaling up hit point cost to expand to more than 1 character or last longer than 1 round for a power.

I also like that no two powers could be active at the same time.

They provided a variety of options and kept things simplified.

Many of folks posting on it liked the outcome of these two tokens and the revised MEC.

I liked that the soon to be seen changes to the character cards are doing what they are planned to do since it will support playing a wizard with or without the 2021 tokens.

But an important note is while some people liked it (but didn’t seem as excited about it as some of the first 6 iterations), at least 2 entirely unrelated playgroups were very strongly opposed to it.
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SUPER Final Transmuted Images <Last Chance! 3 years 7 months ago #122

Final note: I have done a poor job of explaining the Mage Power thing, so I will not comment again until I have it written up well. Thanks for your patience.
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