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LFO 6PM Sunday 1 year 9 months ago #13

Hello! It looks like my small little band has three tickets to this run. We’ve got tickets for the ranger, monk, and paladin.
Here are the tokens that we can loan out (sorry I didn’t think to check the forum sooner!) Two of us usually play cleric and wizard as our mains so a lot of the tokens we have to loan will boost spells and healing.

Ring of Heroism x 2
+3 Staff of Focus
+3 Baton of Focus
Orion’s Belt
Sacred Necklace
Greater Charm Bracelets

Ultra Rare:
Crown of Expertise
Arcane Belt
Gregor’s Tome of Focus
Belt of Thorns
+2 Staff of Power
Shirt of Focus
Bead of Focus
Pants of Focus
Ring of Spell Storing

Bracelets of the Zephyr

Treasure enhancer:
Platinum Nugget

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