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TOPIC: Reprint requests of any rarity for 2024

Reprint requests of any rarity for 2024 1 year 2 months ago #145

Wayne Rhodes wrote:

Krym wrote:

Endgame wrote:

Jason Robb wrote:

Iross wrote:

Wayne Rhodes wrote: If you’re going to reprint +2 Assassin's Crossbow please don’t nerf it.

Agree, I can't see any reason for why the crossbow would need to be nerfed. In lower rarity builds it doesn't do much at all, and in higher rarity builds it deals a lot of damage on your first two attacks of a room if you slide a 17+. There are other classes which can deal a lot of damage more every turn without relying on two specific turns and sliding a 17+ (which on another note is a lot less likely in VTD than in person).

Well said, I couldn't agree more with this.

If combat only goes 2 rounds, then 100% of rogue attacks are sneak attacks. If it goes 3 rounds (likely the most common number), then with the legendary 66% of the attacks are sneak attacks. If crits are consistent, and combats go only 2 rounds, the crossbow puts the Rogue in the top 3 for damage. Should Rogue be a top 3 damage dealer, given it's identity isn't tied to combat as much as it is for many other classes?

I wouldn't mind seeing +2 Assassin's Crossbow, but it needs to be nerfed. the x3 only on natural 20 is a good idea as someone else mentioned.

I find it ridiculous how UR's like +2 Assassin's Crossbow and +2 Nightshade weapons have better abilities than a legendary weapon (aka Asher's Viper Strike Fang). Granted the Asher has the same ability as Nightshade "IF" you are wearing specific gear, but the Nightshade...an UR...ignores those restrictions.

It's one of the reasons I never bothered to get the Asher's weapon. Even if I pulled it from a treasure box I would still rather use my Nightshade weapon.

I think there are a number of legendary weapons that could use a reprint with adjustments made to them. Or, short of a Legendary reprint a new version with the ability fixes that current owners can easily upgrade sort of like the said mentioned...UBER Charm of Avarice.

What makes the +2 Assassin's Crossbow good is Raphiel’s Sneaky Necklace. But make no mistake a rouge player is making a heavy investment in range to get this bonus and will have a much lower melee. I picked up Raphiel’s and the crossbow because of how good they are together, also if you nerf the crossbow then Nightshade’s will be next in the crosshairs. Nightshades throwing dagger is better until you commit to the crossbow on damage bonus.

Currently nightshades if your damage bonus is below 20 and your 5th level is the better weapon because nightshades doubles sneak attack damage on a crit and the crossbow only adds the sneak after the weapon and damage bonus are tripled.
If you get rid of the extended crit range on the crossbow then the dagger is just better because it will crit at a much higher rate.

The melee should out perform the ranged in damage though.
Otherwise, what is the point of going melee if ranged offers the same or better damage, plus the safety of not having to go within melee range (aka retribution dmg), and being able to attack both ground and flying targets.
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Reprint requests of any rarity for 2024 1 year 2 months ago #146

74 strength enhancement tokens in TD database that add to both hit and damage for melee.

Dexterity only adds to range to hit.

Plenty of tokens for melee damage and range damage. With more melee than range damage tokens.

So there should no question that melee has the ability to out damage range.

Barbarian has rage and fury so without using either should do less damage than fighter per melee hit.

Paladin has guard and lay on hands so should less damage than fighter per melee hit.

Rogue has puzzle box and sneak attack so should do less damage than fighter per melee hit.

Ranger is different since both pucks must be slide by different hands at the same time. Individual pucks should average less than than fighter per melee hit but when you add two pucks together (if they happened to both hit) then ranger shouldnout damage fighter.
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