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TOPIC: 2025 Rare Tokens

2025 Rare Tokens 4 months 13 hours ago #25

Raven wrote:

Jeff Martin wrote:

Picc wrote:
Is there any chance that one of the Raven statues could have a blue glow (asking for a friend ;))

Okay, you talked me into it. Raven's minions are vast and persuasive!

I wasn't even gonna ask, as I know that Rares get the Red glow.....
but now, I anticipate that I'll discover a strong need to collect a page of 20 of these : )

I get what you mean! Certain tokens I have collected 5 / 10 / 20 depending on the token 😂
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2025 Rare Tokens 4 months 29 minutes ago #26

Jeff Martin wrote:

Ho-Yi Fung wrote: Hm... I have a new idea for a token. How do you feel about this?
Crusader's Wrath: Cleric only. Slotless.

Please keep this in mind for the Cleric class re-do. Cool idea.

That... wasn't a serious suggestion. I fear I'm not making my point clearly.

Trinket of Bearform is too powerful at an average damage of 9, even with a 1/game limit globally across all Trinkets.

If you think it's currently balanced, how do you feel about the following token?

Mystic Rage: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Rogue & Wizards. Slotless.
(i.e., no Barbarian; no Fighters; no Monk; no Ranger)
Once per game, as an Instant Action, gain a bonus to Melee damage for the rest of combat, but may not take any actions other than Melee attacks with a mainhand weapon (e.g., no Spells; no Powers; no items). This bonus (and the accompanying restrictions) can be dropped as an Instant Action for the rest of combat in any round the user has not yet made a Melee attack.
Bonus gained is based on weapon rarity:
Common: 4 + Focus
Uncommon: 3 + Focus
Rare: 2 + Focus
other: Focus

This is pretty much just a reskinned Bearform, made accessible to classes who have STR equal to or lower than Druids at both 4th and 5th level. The extra bonus for weapon rarity is based on the highest average damage of Melee weapons in this year's set: Sea Raider Axe (4.625), Sea Raider Great Axe (5.6), and +1 Sea Raider Great Axe (6.6).
Cleric main / Druid secondary
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2025 Rare Tokens 3 months 4 weeks ago #27

Earcuff of Endurance should transmute convert to PS, not DP.

I don't see any FoB weapons this year. Fang of Fenrir looks the part.
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