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TOPIC: 2025 Volunteer and Participation

2025 Volunteer and Participation 2 months 2 days ago #25

White Bifrost Charm: should be bumped up to 2 untyped Melee damage. Based on the Black/Violet, Blue/Indigo, Green/Yellow, and Red/Orange pairs, it's clear that 2 typed Ranged damage and 2 typed Melee damage are valued the same. The 2024 standard pack Uncommon Charm of Horus grants +1 untyped Ranged damage; and the 2021 completion Rare Charm of Targeting grants +2 untyped Ranged damage. Anything less than 2 will make this token weak in comparison.
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2025 Volunteer and Participation 2 months 2 days ago #26

On the bifrost charms, there is a lot of redundancy and 9 charms that are basically the same is a real, real lot. Perhaps these could be dropped to 7 and broken up in abilities just a little more, like the ruby iouns were? Also note the white charm makes a distinction I don't understand (+1 to all melee) For example:

Green: +2 Sacred to 1H missile attacks
Indigo: +2 Cold to 2H missile attacks
Orange: +2 Fire to spell damage
Red: +2 Fire damage to Scrolls
Violet: +2 darkrift 1H to melee
Yellow: +2 Sacred to 2H melee
White: +2 to healing

This adds some variety, uses existing damage modifier methods, and makes the transmute more meaningful
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2025 Volunteer and Participation 2 months 1 day ago #27

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Lots of really good feedback here, so I'll use my 2 cents to say:

I *love* the artwork on ALL of these. Thanks for giving us such nice eye candy in our sparkly rewards.

Check out these awesome resources:
Cranston's Character Generator for iDevices or Android
Amorgen's Excel Character Generator
And the ever-useful Token DataBase , expertly maintained by Druegar.
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