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TOPIC: Safehold Rules Targeted Feedback on the Safehold V Recipe

Safehold Rules Targeted Feedback on the Safehold V Recipe 1 year 3 months ago #73

I, for one, enjoy the ups and downs of the trade goods market. And I don't think it is because I'm a retailer (although perhaps it is part of why I'm a retailer?). I love economic games and the token economy was a big reason I got hooked on TD.
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Safehold Rules Targeted Feedback on the Safehold V Recipe 1 year 3 months ago #74

Mike Steele wrote:

Fred K wrote:

Mike Steele wrote:

Kirk Bauer wrote: I really like the costs of the safeholds themselves. I think it is very solid. You can spend a total of $200, $600, $1200, $2000, or $3000 to get to each level. I think that's great.

As I think about it, I think the Follower is a tad too expensive, and perhaps should be just a bit lower like $500. I think Mythic I is too expensive and should be closer to $1,500. Remember, you spend $3,000 to be able to craft a Mythic I, so I think $2,000/ea on top of that is a bit steep.

Aren't you basically then pricing each Mythic I at about the cost of a Legendary (which I believe average about $1,500 to transmute)? Breaking the $3000 Stronghold cost down by the 10 Mythic tokens you can make just adds $300 each to them. That seems way too low to me. It seems like the starting point of a Mythic Recipe should be a Legendary token, and then add TG and GP on top of that.

Mike - why would 2x the cost of a legendary be too low? We're not talking about 2X the power level - we're talking about a small incremental bump of about 10%. A barbarian at +70 damage, can change out tokens to increase by about +6 to +8 through mythic. That's lower than the barbarian legendary. Same is true of monk, rogue, wizards, and cleric. Assuming BiS continues with volunteer tokens and then move to bead slots, a +15 might be possible. That would only be a slight increase versus the legendaries.

Any increases beyond the current proposed cost increases (in percentage terms), my guess is more than half the buyers would bail. If this were 25% lower for Tier 1, I could see doing more than 1.

For Tier 5, I strongly recommend making it highly approachable for newer player. As is, this would mean them choosing this over a relic which I'm not sure they'd do.

Mechanically, I also recommend using 10x tokens where possible to make the shipping easier (it 10 rather than 12 or 8 in recipes) in all recipes.

What I'm proposing is consistent with the existing power tiers in TD. Relics are an incremental increase from URs, but cost significantly more than twice a UR. Legendary Tokens for the most part are incremental increases from Relics but cost significantly more than twice a Relic. Tier II Mythic tokens are apparently an incremental increase from Legendary tokens, so should cost significantly more than twice a Legendary Token. And I'm talking about the transmute cost of a Legendary (around $1,500), not the secondary market average of around $1,000.

Tier I Mythic tokens are far more than an incremental increase, they are game-altering tokens. The three mentioned so far I think are the best TE token ever, a +1 Level token to allow 6th level character cards, and some sort of super slot expander combining many into one. I think those should be at least twice the cost of a Tier II Mythic.

For Tier 2 Mythic tokens, a logical recipe to me would be the corresponding Legendary token plus significantly more Trade Goods and GP than a Legendary recipe.

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