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TOPIC: *SPOILERS* Star Wars The Force Awakens discussion

*SPOILERS* Star Wars The Force Awakens discussion 8 years 5 months ago #61

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Lordoftherealm wrote: I do believe that the Kylo's "master" is one of two things....

1. Lord Pestilence, The Emporer's master (that has found how to overcome death)... finally showing himself, even though he remains hidden.

2. Lord Pestilence has learned the same skill that Obi-one, Quigon, did and have transcended life to live as a force ghost albeit an evil one.

I guess I believe it to be the same person, but two different forms. I do not believe it to be Lord Bane though...

You mean Darth Plagueis. His name is Darth Plagueis, not Lord Pestilence.
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