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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for True Dungeon!

True Dungeon exists because of the work of a lot of great people who volunteer their time to ensure the players have fun. Many volunteers get involved because they play True Dungeon – then fall in love with it. They want to contribute to something that they think is pretty cool, and they are willing to work so that others can experience the fun as well.  

We have created a new website that allows you to create an account, make a profile, and then select different Cons with which to volunteer.  It is very easy to re-apply to volunteer in following years.  

We are now taking volunteer applications for Gamehole Con.  There are many great benefits that come with volunteering for True Dungeon.  These include up $250 stipdend, free spot in a hotel room next to the convention area, free convention badge, free limited-edition Participation Tokens, free limited-edition volunteer-only tokens as well as other great swag.  More information at the link below - but be aware benefits can slightly vary from convention to convention.

CLICK HERE to get more info or volunteer!

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